Emotions in Negotiations

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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Chapter 9 – Relationships in Negotiation
* Negotiations occur in a complex social environment. People act within relationships that have a past, present and future. * Negotiating within relationships takes place over time. Time becomes an important variable in negotiating relationships. * Negotiation is often not a way to discuss an issue but a way to learn more about the other part and increase interdependence. In a relationship, gathering information about the other’s ideas, preferences and priorities is often the most important activities. * The most important issue during negotiation is preserving or enhancing the relationship. * Resolution of issues has implications for the future. Distributive dynamics can create reputation problems for the future. * Distributive issues can be emotionally hot. If one party feels strongly about the issues or the other acts provocatively, the parties can become angry with each other. Parties must cool off and apologize or cool off before they can proceed. * Negotiating within relationships may never end. In many relationships, negotiations are never over, parties are often constantly trying to renegotiate old agreements or issues. Consequences: * Parties may defer negotiations over tough issues in order to start on the right foot. * Attempting to anticipate the future and negotiate everything up front is often impossible. * Issues on which parties truly disagree may never go away. * In many negotiations, the other person is the focal problem. In order to be effective, negotiators must separate the person from the problem. If the person is the problem, it can create permanent separation or relationship dissolution. * In some negotiations, relationship preservation is the overarching negotiation goal, and parties may make concessions on substantive issues to preserve or enhance the relationship. A potential resolution to the “person is the problem” negotiation is that one...
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