Goal Statement Negotiations

Topics: Negotiation, Sales, Anger Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Roy Marques
Due 2/5/13
Goal Statement #1

I believe that the power of negotiation is one of the most divine that one can possess. With a solid set of negotiation skills, I believe I could squeeze a lot more out of opportunities to come, and I mean this in more ways than one.

There have been various negotiations throughout my life. Some have been from the stroke of luck; others were assisted by me being very persistent. That leads me to believe that a process, rather a structure, can be had when it comes to negotiating.

I remember throughout high school, I had a couple of negotiations with woman. I like to think of it as a negotiation because both parties are agreeing to an action. I believe all of this “negotiating” helped me harness at least part of my skill.

I recently applied for a job that required daily negotiating! Before I attended Rutgers, I was a car salesman full-time. Needless to say I was negotiation every day. Something about the negotiation excited me, not in a sense that I liked to haggle but in a sense that I enjoyed the ability to push the situation to my favor. This is where I mention a structure in the negotiation and how I believe that it helped me become a better negotiator.

My strength would be in the preparation of the negotiation. I can remember every time a customer came in to my dealership, I had a list of cars that would be suitable to their needs. I had a plan to not only sell them but to win their repeat business. I was told by many that the negotiation process was effortless and they felt very comfortable around me when doing so.

A weakness of mine may be a direct variable of my strength. The process of negotiation throughout my work may have been effortless for the customer which may have worked to my advantage in the long-run but I believe that I could have squeezed a lot more on my end by negotiating a bit more. I believe this could have been accomplished without...
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