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  • Published : October 21, 2008
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The negotiation has two roles: Kim Taylor as the buyer for WCHI (Independent television station in Chicago) and Terry Schiller as a syndicated sales representative for Hollyville, Inc. an international multimedia corporation that specializes in producing television shows and motion pictures. On this negotiation I played the role of Kim Taylor.

The company had request for the best deal possible, but is important to preserve the relationship with Hollyville as new shows for future programming years become available. For the negotiation I created a worksheet, with the multiple combinations to calculate the net value of the options. During the negotiation my counter party used a spreadsheet too, what really facilitated the exchange the offers and the quick recalculation of both parties’ new net values. An open discussion based on different types of questions, created a great opportunity to find the best scenario for both parts. After discussing our needs & wants, we were able to work out an agreeable deal that turned out to be one of the best in the class:

Price/Episode: $60,000
Run/Episode: 8
Financing % of payment in each year: 1>40%; 2>25%; 3>20%% and 4>15% Junior (per episode): $16,000
Net Value: $ 2,060,000 Buyer; $ 2,430,00 Seller with a total of $4,490,00

This paper covers the importance of exchanging information for integrative agreements, and provides ideas on the types of questions negotiators should ask to maximize efficiency.

Fisher and Ury (1991) say that "without communication there is no negotiation." Communicating by willingly providing information and asking questions develops the relationship and trust between all parties. By sharing information, a negotiator encourages perspective taking and improves the quality of the agreement. By gathering information, a negotiator is better able to identify where the value is, and may see potential trades & deals that can maximize the deal. Sharing information does not mean that a...
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