What's an Ideal Job

Topics: Wage, Preference, Choice Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: April 1, 2011
What’s an ideal job?

In our heart of hearts we all dream of an ideal job. Moreover, each of us has a concrete idea of what this job should be. In my opinion, it depends on such factors as job satisfaction, type of work, flexibility of the desirable job and expected incomes. That is why I believe that the ideal job is a job that combines all of the factors mentioned above. To begin with, the job that a person can call a perfect one for him implies doing the activity that he likes. It is very important because he can help maintain the reputation of the company only when he has the motivation and desire to work. Secondly, type of work is another factor that should be mentioned. Everyone chooses for himself an ideal type of work. For instance, some people tend to work better if they know the basics of their job and as a result can cope with all the problems they face. On the other hand, there also are those who like challenging different difficulties. That is why they prefer something more creative. Thirdly, the more flexible hours the job has, the more ideal it becomes. Flexible hours allow workers to save time for social life. It gives them a chance to do their social commitments such as family and children matters. It also allows them to entertain themselves and enjoy life. Furthermore, one crucial factor is, undoubtedly, the expected income. Perhaps, it is the salary that defines and destroys one’s dream of an ideal job at the same time. A good illustration to this is a boy or a girl dreaming of being a teacher who sooner realizes how underpaid this job is. There are those who argue that salary is the one and only important condition when choosing a job that can be called an ideal one. It is partly true because many family people sacrifice their personal interests and the process of obtaining pleasure from working in favor of a good salary in order to provide their children with the best. However, it is my belief that we should not forget about job...
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