My Ideal Work

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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My Ideal Work

From very early ages there is the question that bugs almost every child, “Whom will I become when I grow up?” Somebody wants to become a teacher or cosmonaut, somebody dreams about being a president or actor. This is how we see our future ideal work in the childhood, but how we see such ideal work in our adult life. Personally, I, being a child, did not know whom will I become when I grow up. I used to say that life will show, but I definitely knew that it will be a creative work. Now I have an experience of working as a seller in a clothing store and this is precisely not my ideal job, it’s just the way to endow myself. Moreover, I work as a dancing trainer, but it is something for the soul, the way to forget about your life problems and sink in another world, I wouldn’t call it a work. My notion of ideal work is that it should combine three important factors such as stable income, convenient working hours and pleasure. The question about income is very controversial as somebody thinks it is the most important factor, others do not agree with it. For me money is important as our modern world built on it and without money you will have lots of life problems. The second factor is what I need to live my life without spending all the time at work. I’m planning to try so many things and I need to combine these intentions with my work. At last, pleasure from work is the feeling that every person wants to have. Once Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” I think that being many-sided and communicative person I need some creative job connected with PR, advertising, tourism, design or something else. My ideal job should bring me new knowledge, new experience and improvement every day. This is what I can call an ideal work for me.

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