Boring but Paid Well Job

Topics: Wage, Recruitment, Happiness Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Would you take a really boring job if it paid well? Or are you the type of person to stay in a job that stimulates you even if the money is bad?

Many people face dilemma when they choose their jobs: what they really want are high salaries. If one chooses what one really wants, one can be happy with a job but how much one earns from a job cannot be ignored either. However, given a choice between those two, I would definitely lean more towards whether I am happy with my job than having a high salary since happiness cannot be gained by money and satisfaction with a job that brings even more success.

To my opinion job satisfaction is paramount. Much of a person’s life is spent at work.  The job has to be done.  It is the way of getting the salary.  In a perfect world a person has the job they love with a salary they dream about. Very few of us live in this very perfect world. So why is job satisfaction more important than the salary?

First of all, being happy with a job is more important than having a high salary because money cannot buy happiness. If we cannot enjoy working and indulging in what we do, it means we gain nothing even though we are earning a high salary. Most people spend about or more than half of a day at work. It would be a torture to be stuck in a load of job which we never enjoy. On the other hand, one can gain self satisfaction if one is doing what one really wants even if one does not make a lot of money.

Secondly, being happy with a job can bring even more success. If one works for one’s goal or dream, not for money, one would put a lot of effort into one’s work. Then, there is not doubt that outcomes or results coming from one’s work will be more successful. For example, the famous Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, forsook his safe way of getting a stable job when he decided to quit Harvard because he knew he was happy with life in the university. So, he chose a difficult way only to pursue what he really wanted and the...
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