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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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It is undoubtedly true that money is integral part of our modern lives. Therefore, some believe that high salary is the most important thing in their job. Others are of the opinion that people should work at jobs which is in their favorite. Each of views has its own merits. There are plausible reasons why many people look for jobs offering high salary. First of all, the fact remains that life is easier for those who have a plenty of money as they can do everything what they want, and do not have to think about whether they can afford it or not. No doubt, well paid job enable people to live in luxury house with all modern conveniences, to own the latest car, as well as cutting-edge machines which help housewives save amount of time and reduce physical effort. By this way, good salary possibly increases the quality of life. Due to earning large sum of money, my prosperous neighbor, for example, usually have an expensive holiday, eat in classy restaurant, and have ability to send their children to international school. However such job deprives the father of time for his family, meaning his children rarely see him. There are also strong reasons why others appreciate a work they enjoy. These people claim that money does not bring happiness, whereas enjoyable job not only makes your life happier, but also help you earn high earning in the near future. This due to the fact that you will find something interesting in your job that might seem dull and boring to others. As a result, you inevitably devote yourself heart and soul to your work, leading to you soon enhance the level of performance to get perfect result. As well as this, it highly likely that such job brings emotional satisfaction to worker and contribute to the development of company. It is reasonable to say that your boss will respect you, paying you higher salary, giving higher position. I am personally inclined to agree with the latter viewpoint I feel that enjoyable job, without doubt, obviously please...