The Meaning of Work

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The New Meaning of Work
When one thinks of work, one often thinks of a job, but work is far more than a job. Although work certainly provides for basic subsistence needs and decent living conditions, this is not its only function. Work is, above all, an activity through which an individual fits into the world, creates new relations, uses his talents, learns and grows develops his identity and a sense of belonging. Many people enjoy their work and take a great deal of pleasure from it. Many workplaces are pleasant places to be. Many companies have learned that it is much easier to retain employees who like what they do and have fun with their job. Organic structures such as teams and networks are usually much more engaging than traditional, mechanistic structures. Over the past 50 years job satisfaction has increased significantly and quality of work life has improved. The nature of work has changed such as work settings and organizational structures which makes more people satisfied with their jobs.

A psychological contract is unwritten expectations that represents the mutual beliefs, perceptions, and informal obligations between an employer and an employee. The major principle that drives any psychological contract is fairness. For example, when one employee earns more than the another. The way people feel at work has an impact on how they treat customers, their relationships with fellow employees and how productive they are at their job. Unhappy employees are not as productive or as efficient as happy employees. Management can use many ways to ensure job satisfaction for their employees. Most companies have improved their work settings. Flexible work time programs, whereby an employee can set their own work schedule, this is a positive step toward creating a supportive work setting. A positive work setting also makes a working day more comfortable for employees. Accommodations such as furniture, equipment, supplies, an eating area, or a relaxation...
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