It Is More Important to Work at a Job That You Enjoy Than It Is to Earn a Lot of Money?

Topics: Charitable organization, Charity, Income Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Earning a lot of money is more important than enjoying job in present-day world. According to my observations, people can obtain more achievements if they gain more money. Meeting financial needs, doing more enjoyable activities such as traveling or doing charity work is only possible when you earn more money. On the contrary, enjoying job without sufficient income can give you only enjoyment, nothing else.

First of all, providing economic necessities is the most crucial condition of living today. If you can not meet your family’s and children’s needs then what is the use of enjoying the job? In fact, I have a friend who works at National Academy of Sciences and his salary is very low. Although he enjoys his job to research or to investigate scientific materials, he is not happy in family life because of economic circumstance. Hence, it is a fact that money is more important at work rather than enjoyment.

Another advantage of high income job is that people are able to travel during breaks. If you do not have enough money you will wait for starting job again instead of recess or travelling. It is clear that traveling is one of the best enjoyments in our lives. So, when you earn more money you can supplement more enjoyable things to your life including traveling. Moreover you can make good living conditions when your salary is higher. We can see that it is so hard to live without house and car in today’s world. To attain these equipments is also only possible when your income is high.

Final point is that people can do charity work when they earn a lot of money. I believe that everyone would like to do philanthropic actions or subsidize needy people. There are numerous poor families and disabled or handicapped children that are waiting for help. I am sure that so many people want to render financial aid to those humans. However, it is only possible when you earn a lot of money or when you are a wealthy man. On the contrary with lower income you can neither...
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