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What is a venue? Why venue is important?
The place where something happens, esp. an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports event. Choosing a venue
Choosing venues is one of the most important decisions in the event planning process, as it sets the tone for the entire event.

Step 1: Find a location
Consider needs of audience and choose a location to suit. Consider: * Weather
* Local attractions and restaurants
* Parking and public transport
* Other local events
Step 2: Research the facilities
look for venues that have all the necessary facilities to ensure a successful event. While looking for venues, factors like room set-up have to be taken into account. For example, do you need a classroom, theatre, banquet, boardroom or cabaret layout?

The venue should have access for people with disabilities, and you may also need to consider audio-visual requirements, the need for natural light or blacked-out windows, and function furniture such as sign easels.

Step 3: Consider catering

Don’t underestimate the value of food and beverages to a successful event. Speak with each potential venue about their in-house catering and facilities.

Step 4: Count costs

Cost is important, but not always the deciding factor for a venue. Ask all potential venues what value they can add to improve the event for your guests. When you do decide on a venue, check the contract carefully for any miscellaneous additional charges.

Step 5: See for yourself

If you’re considering a new venue, choose one with a proven track record. Conduct a site inspection of the venue before you make your decision, checking for service, cleanliness and facilities. 

Step 6: Request a proposal

Once you’ve decided on a venue, if you haven’t used them before, submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to ensure they can meet your needs. Many venue websites have their own RFP online forms. If not, follow our Request for Proposals guide to get the best result.

Event Venue Selection
Keep following things in mind while selecting a venue for your event: 1) Target Audience/Guest Size
This means the number of people you are expecting to attend your event. Make sure that your venue can easily accommodate your expected target audience. Your venue should not be too small or too large for your guests. If too small, then your guests will feel discomfort. If it is too large then you will unnecessarily end up paying more for the venue. Get firm indications whether guests plan to attend your event by sending R.S.V.P clearly printed on the invitation. The term R.S.V.P is a French acronym. Its meaning in English is 'Please Respond'. If R.S.V.P is printed on the invitation then the invited guest is expected to tell the host whether or not he/she is attending the event. Since many people don't understand the meaning of this term or don't bother to reply back, it is advisable to individually call and ask your guests about there plan to attend the event. In this way you can get quite accurate idea of the guest size which will help you in deciding food and beverage quantities also. 2) Target Audience Status

If you target audience are rich people then your venue must be a five star hotel or resort and all the services provided during the event must be of very high quality. 3) Target Audience Convenience

Select venue according to target audience convenience. Your venue should not be very far from the place where majority of your target audience live. Your venue should have proper lighting and ventilation. It should not be in a noisy or polluted area. It should be absolutely neat and clean and free from any type of infestation. 4) Climatic Conditions

Keep Climatic conditions in mind while selecting a venue. If you are going to organize an event during rainy season or during peak winter then selecting an open-aired venue is not a good idea. Always try to organize indoor events if possible as there production cost is lesser than...
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