What Type of Perfromance

Topics: Member of Parliament, Performing arts, Performance Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1. What type of performance is it?
2. Where and when is this performance occurring
3. Is it a scripted or non scripted performance?
4. Is it religious or secular in nature
5. Is its content authored, collective or improvised?
6. Are technologies used? How?
7. List a sequence of actions and discuss what the performers bodies do (dance rhythmic patterns etc.) 8. Is music used
9. Describe the space and or setting of the event (architecture and design/ public or private space/ audience performer relations/ publicity context) 10. What marks the beginning and end of the performance

11. Does the performance entail a change of consciousness for the performer or the spectator? How is this induced? Describe the aesthetic or physiological effects? 12. What is the place or function of the performer in a community or culture 13. Who is performing

1. “A performance act, interactional in nature and involving symbolic forms and live bodies, provides a way to constitute a meaning and affirm individual and cultural values”. Performances can take many shapes and forms and those that do not immediately adopt the performance label often embody many aspects of performance. The performance that I attended and analysed was that of a Book club meeting for over sixty fives, all women. The youngest of the members is seventy three with the oldest member aged eighty seven. According to Schechners eight kinds of performance the event I have explored seems to particularly embody ‘performance in everyday life’. My particular analysis of this book club meeting significantly altered my views on what a ‘performance’ entailed, and brought to question many of the ‘traditional’ aspects of performance and how they were adapting to societal changes.

2. This performance occurred in my Grandmother’s house on a Tuesday afternoon just after 1pm. It usually place once a month. Each month a different member hosts the meeting in their home. 3....
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