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By | Feb. 2013
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Calvin Hubbard

165 railroad street
Huntington station, NY, 13502
Tel: 631-813-5059
Cell: 631-813-5059


• Creating Business Strategies and Marketing tools that would strive the business company into a positive direction. • Use of conducting extensive research to find the strengths and weaknesses of the company and also of their competitors.

• Process of maintaining updating email lists, list of clients • Interact with and support the investment team for client portfolio reviews & conferences • Coordinate with operations, finance, HR, legal and compliance to complete marketing material and client service

• Initiate and build relationships with various vendors to assess suitability of venues for various client events; Negotiate and execute vendor contracts.


Brothers barbershop, Huntington station, NY usa
02/2005 - 08/2007
• Ran errands
• Delivery Service
• Cleaned Work Space Area

Blacktop, Huntington, NY usa
Assistant associate
06/2008 - 09/2010
• Management of tools
• helped paved driveways & parking lots
• assisted with employees

Mari deli, Huntington station, NY usa
Sales associate
05/2011 - 08/2011
• Minor cashier experience
• helped clean work area space
• Minor management position (temporary)
• learned about handling cash and budgeting

Oak wood deli, Huntington, NY usa 12/2011 - 01/2012
• Cashier experience
• cleaned work area
• Minor delivery service

Utica college, Utica, NY usa
Student associate
10/2010 - 05/2012
Assisting VP
• taking calls
• taking messages
• Schedule meetings
• assisting with projects
Library associate
• Research services
• Check out books services through a computer program


Utica College Utica, NY B.A. in Management, GPA: 3.10
2009 - 2013
• Part of the Investment Club for 2 years
• Participated in the Utica College's Portfolio Challenge for 2 years that dealt with students learning about cash handling,...

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