Planning a Party

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Planning a party takes time and requires focus. You want to make sure you get everything covered and don’t leave out any details. You need to find a location, possibly a public venue or even your own home. Will you have a theme or keep it casual? Not only is the location important but who will be your party guests? You want to know who will be attending and where so that you can make proper arrangements for food, beverages, party favors and decorations. Finding the proper location for a party can be tricky. You will need to make sure that the venue can hold enough people depending on the size of the party. Do your research online first and see what sort of businesses in your area offer space to rent. Will there be enough parking available? Is the date of your party available at the time and location you chose? These are all important questions to ask while planning. Don’t forget to make a reservation or schedule a walk through. You may find the perfect place to host your party and choose to change your date. It all depends on what you want and what details are important to you.

Once you have decided on your party venue and what your theme will be, if you decide to have one, then it’s time to start making a list of who you will be inviting. Remember just because you invite someone it does not mean they will be attending. This is when it becomes a good time to add an R.S.V.P to your invitation so you can get a better idea of the number of people who will actually be attending. If your guests will be allowed to bring someone make sure you put that on the invitation as well. Date, time and the type of dress are also important to include. You may choose to send a paper invite through the mail or send your invite by email. When choosing your invitation you can get creative with your theme or keep it basic.

Next you have the task of tackling the details, food, drinks, decorations and party favors. If you choose to have food at your party be sure to plan ahead....
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