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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Assignment 1|
Ali Mahomed [13005835]|
Lecturer: Doulette Braak
Due Date: 15 April Course: Events Management
Module: EVMN5111|


Table of Contents
Question 12
1.1.“An event that the student will be preparing.”2
The Doctor Orders2
1.2 Relevant tasks for the event:3
1.3 Gantt chart for the event:3
Question 24
Regulatory Framework and Voluntary bodies of the Event Sector4
-Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).4
Voluntary bodies:4
-Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA)4
-The Consumer Protection Act5
Question 36
3.1 Differences between Corporate Social Investment and Sponsorship:6
3.2 Corporate Social Initiative in South Africa7
Mercedes-Benz South Africa7
Examples of Mercedes-Benz Corporate Social Initiatives:7
3.3 Sponsorships in South Africa9
Examples of ABSA’s Sponsorship Initiatives in Sport:9
Examples of ABSA’s Sponsorship Initiatives in Arts and Culture:9 References10

Question 1

1.1. “An event that the student will be preparing.” The Doctor Orders
Events can vary from anything between Sporting events to Music concerts to just a personal birthday party or wedding. I have chosen to host an Entertainment event aimed at the general public as this would be appealing to the majority of them. 03 media, an events company, had contacted me with the opportunity to conduct a comedy show for them with Riaad Moosa being the main attraction. They have given me a time frame to host the event. They insisted that the event should be towards the end of March and they had decided that they wanted it at either the Grand West Theatre or at the Baxter Theatre as a venue. Before I could go any further, I requested evaluation reports from 03 media about previous events and from its various stakeholders from the previous events to find out what they enjoyed in the past and what could be improved on. I then decided that I needed to have a sit down meeting with my client, 03media, in order to find out what their objectives are of the event and what their budget is. During the meeting with the 03media representatives and Riaad Moosa, we covered many aspects of the proposed event such as the available budget, expected number of guests, projected income that will be generated, the venue and mainly the purpose of the event and their goals and objectives they want to be achieving from it. I then had a broader idea after the meeting and with the available budget in mind; I contacted both suggested venues with the proposed dates. The Baxter theatre was working out to be more feasible and thus, we booked the venue and secured the 27th of March as the events date. The venue has a PA system in place and security at the venue was not an issue. I had told them (the venue) that we expect to host about 700 people and they were willing to accommodate everyone. Now with a date and venue set, I had outsourced a ticketing agency, WebTickets, to be our retailer of tickets as selling tickets on a major scale could be an added setback for my team. We had separated the tickets into two categories, Golden Ring and General Seating with the prices to be at R500 and R350. 03media, being a marketing company as well, were then instructed to advertise the event. They were instructed by me to target all audiences and not to neglect potential markets. Although there is a lot of work to be done, e verything was set and in the pipelines. Riaad Moosa, known as ‘The Comedy Doctor’, will be performing his latest set, ‘The Doctor Orders,” LIVE at the Baxter Theatre on the 27th of March 2013 at 7:00pm.

1.2 Relevant tasks for the event:

* Book and secure the venue on the 20th January
* Advertising campaign for the event run from 25th January – 27th March * Ticket Sales from the 1st of February to the 27th March * Electric lights and projector screens will be fitted...
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