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An event organiser also has the role of preparing and distributing supporting documents, most events require some form of hard or soft copy that can be distributed. A soft copy is a version of a document, such as a PDF that can be emailed or uploaded to a website. Promotional items can be used because they include advertising to raise awareness. Another method of providing documents which has become increasingly popular to distribute information about events is through email and social networking.

Examples of main documents needed for an event include the background to the event which can also sometimes be found in a program of an event, the schedule, event papers, information about travel arrangements, information about the accommodation and information about additional arrangements if required for the event. This is important in preparing the attendees for the event by introducing the basic information required to know about the event, the information gives the attendees preparations on what the event is about and knowledge on what the event includes.

The organisational procedures, an organiser of an event needs to know who must give authority for any event and the forms that will need to be completed. The events organiser needs to follow the organisational procedures or could face serious consequences if something went wrong. The consumer protection acts is to [2] ensure the liability of persons for damage caused by defective products. If a person at the event was affected by any of the equipment like for example received an injury the organisation would need to take responsibility of the damages, that’s why it is important for the event to have a supply of appropriate facilities within the premises to ensure the safety of others.

A number of legal requirements need to be considered when organising an event, for example contracts, these set out the prices for individual elements for the event such as the venue, catering or insurance. [3] The Supply of...
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