Describe the Skills Required of an Event Organiser

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An event organiser is a person or group of persons who are dedicated to planning events and ensure that every aspect of the event is undertaken smoothly. Normally large organizations called in professionals who are well versed in the art of event organizing in order to ensure that the event is a success. These organizers are known by certain characteristics or skills which include:

Verbal and written communications:
Event organizers should be well versed in verbal and written communication skills as planning and organizing events (especially business events) involve a lot of verbal and written communication which happen back and forth with the different parties involved such as caterers, delegates, guests of honors, hosts of the event, and team members involved in the planning and organizing of the business event.

Organization and time management
Event organizers should know how to manage their organization (team members, caterers, etc) as well as the time frame given to put together the business event. This not only shows exceptional competence but also helps the organizers in getting the best possible results from the event. If an event organiser cannot manage his/ her time and organization, then the event will encounter a lot of problems than previously anticipated which reduce the results of the event or even cause it to be a failure.

Project management and multi-tasking
An effective and efficient event organiser is also skilled at efficiently and effectively managing the project at hand and at the same time can perform more than one task at one time. Being an event organiser not only means barking out orders and delegating work to others, it also entails “getting your hands dirty”. An event organiser should be able to help out and make sure every aspect, stage and area of the project at hand is proper and smooth.

Self-starter and team player
Event organisers are basically a role model when it comes to the planning, organizing and...
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