Training and Development of Staff

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Promotion is always available for a warehouse operative if tasks are done really well on a consistent basis. Competency assessment forms, can prove if an employee is working to a suitable standard and if they are exceeding expectations of the job that is assigned to them. this and other factors can direct a worker to promotion. A personal development plan is also looked at (PDP), and this a meeting with the employees line manager to go through the KPI’s and see what can be done to meet them. If the employee is staying on top of their work and this is proven to the line manager then a promotion may be in place. An example of a KPI for a warehouse operative could be: to achieve RTITBFL reach licence, this is a more advance licence than a counterbalance licence proving that you can do more with a forklift than the basics. This is also represents more skills. Another way a promotion may be put in tact is through sheer skills. An employee may be to gifted to loose to another company so they may be offered a promotion with a salary and benefits including 50% of products, pension etc. This is done to keep hold of the employee in case theirs a chance of he or she leaving. This method is known as (TDC) talent development center. The way this method functions is an employee gets recognised as talent and this is mentioned to the line manager and the decision falls in his or her hands based on how skilled that certain employee is. If the employee is to valuable and is to essential to let go, then a promotion is offered with no second thoughts to keep that employee their as they would play an integral part in coca cola. The promotion would happen through coca cola’s ICON programme where employees nominate someone who they think is the most talented worker, which deserves a promotion, and their names go up on a poster display around the factory. If the line manager does not see a certain employee suited to a promotion then he or she is sent back to there job as usual. Some...
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