Training and Development

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The purpose of this paper is to answer questions in reference to the training of the backhoe operator’s position at a Winnipeg gas utility company. The backhoe operator position was posted and hired. The firm opted to hire a man with little experience. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the training deficiencies that occurred after hiring an inexperienced backhoe operator.

Backhoe Operator

1. What are the potential costs to this lack or training? Why do you think the company operated in this manner? There are many costs due to the lack of training backhoe operators. Initially, there is the cost of the broken water lines and telephone lines. Next, there is the cost of parts and labor necessary to repair the gas and telephone lines. In addition, there is the cost of not retaining a qualified backhoe operator. Retaining quality employees should be mission one to any firm. Gregory Smith explains that the costs associated with turnover may include lost customers, lost business, damaged morale, and then the hard costs of time spent in screening, verifying credentials, references, interviewing, hiring and training the new employee just to get back to where you started (Smith, 2008). Finally, there is the cost of rework. Rework continues to affect both cost and schedule performance throughout the construction industry. The direct costs alone often tally to 5% of the total construction costs [ (Hwang, 2009) ]. The company operated in this manner due to the fact the company assumed that Jim knew how to operate the backhoe efficiently because he competed against other backhoe operators. In addition, they assumed the equipment was foolproof. 2. What type of training would you recommend: OJT, classroom, or a combination? Describe what the training might entail. The training would entail both on the job training (OJT) and classroom. In the classroom setting, the operator could be taught several aspects of backhoe operation such as...
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