Staff Training and Effectiveness

Topics: Bullying, Psychology, Training Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: June 30, 2012
All It Takes is for Good Men to do Nothing
By Faye James
B. Blankenship
June 17, 2012

1. Would a TNA be needed in this situation? Why or why not? If yes, who would you need to talk to? In the case of Ms. Dillman at IMP, I do not think a task needs analysis is going to fix the problem nor would it have prevented it. Under normal circumstances, it would be a necessity to first perform one; I feel that in this case there are major underlining causes for concern, one being that a hostile work environment has been created. There is a breakdown in communication between the employee and her supervisors. This is apparent when she explains to HR the problems she is experiencing and even took medical leave to escape the verbal abuse. There doesn’t appear to be a real policy in place for workplace protocol or a sexual harassment policy. If so, they are clearly not being enforced at the time Ms. Dillman was expressing her feelings of working in this hostile environment. It is stated that these verbal attacks were overheard and witnessed by many but apparently, no man wanted to stand up for her. There is no mention that she didn’t know how to do her job or that she lacked in KSAs, therefore, I don’t think a TNA would have been able to “catch” this behavior in action. However, had a TNA been done it could’ve caught the fact that men were being given extensive training while the women received minimal. 2. Based on the case as presented above, what KSAs need to be trained? The KSAs that would serve as most beneficial would be proper training of all employees, not just the men. When receiving OJT, the trainees should learn how to effectively communicate instructions and learn that when a mistake is made, there is a proper and professional way to deal with it; the attitudes, overall, need to be changed as well. The environment became hostile because the predominately male workplace was not professional with the hanging of...
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