Training and Development

Topics: Skill, Learning, Management Pages: 4 (1551 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Unit # 1 - Assignment
1. Per your text, describe the forces affecting the workplace and learning. How can training help companies deal with these forces?

Customer service, employee retention and growth, doing more with less, quality and productivity are some of the issues affecting company’s ability to implement new training and learning tools. Training is a necessity if companies want to maintain competitive. There are several forces that affect learning in the workplace including: globalization, business strategy, demographics and diversity of the workforce, generational differences, talent management, new technology, intangible assets such as human capital, and quality of customer service. Training enables employees to serve customers better and deepens their knowledge base. Organizations need to be sensitive to employee cultures when dealing with a global workforce, because of the acceptable traditions and behavior. Generational differences also play a part of how individual employees learn, due to the environment which they were raised. For example, the employees who grew up during WWII and the Great Depression tend to be frugal, patriotic, and will sacrifice for the good for the company (Noe, 23). This is radically different than Generation Y, who are young employees who are used to speaking their mind and great up with technology. It is important to understand that each generation has their own unique learning style and a blanketed approach will not work for everyone. Companies should encourage team building exercises that rely on collaboration amongst employees, which would expose them to different learning preferences and focus on tolerance. Another force that affects how organizations implement training in the workplace is to have their talent well managed. This means having accurate and up-to-date information on each employee’s skills, job requirements, and be working to develop and train future leaders. In order for organizations...
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