Essentials of Staff Development and Why You Should Care

Topics: Employment, Training, Practice Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: April 11, 2013
RUNNING HEAD: Essentials of Staff Development and why you should care.

Essentials of Staff Development and why you should care.

MD, FACP, FACPE, Dean H. Gesme, MD
Elaine L. Towle, CPE
Marian Wiseman, MA
Journal of Oncology Practice

Article Review
by, Kristina Starke
Davenport University

Why is Staff Development Important?
Management is the most important tool in regards to staff development. Practice management consultant Kenneth T. Hertz, CMPE, points out that supporting staff education also affects the profitability of the practice. “It all goes to the bottom line,” he says. “By promoting staff development, physicians create an environment where they say ‘you're important to us. We respect you and value you more than just the person that answers the phone.’ When they create that kind of environment, they set things in motion that produce improved employee attitude, patient satisfaction, and physician satisfaction.” Managers are the “teachers” of staff development; they are the supervisory team that shows other employees standardization in the workplace through learning and discipline. I personally agree with Kenneth T. Hertz, CMPE, He explains that supporting the staff and making them feel part of the team is very important. (Gesme e t Towle , Wiseman, 2012)Employers want to feel motivated as if they are accomplishing goals at their position in an organization and they want to feel appreciated. An organization cannot thrive or grow if the employees are not doing their jobs correctly, right? In order for Employees to achieve their job descriptions, they need to know how to do their job successfully. The first step in training a new employee, should be orientation, where they can learn about the...
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