Training and Development

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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Training and Development Paper
Latisha Harvey
HCS 341
September 20, 2011
Charles Ma Mahone
Training and Development Paper
Successful organizations and managers view employee training as an investment in there people, not an expense. Managers want their staff to have the best skills and be knowledgeable of the organization and its customers. Training and development are often in association with each other, but the two are not the same. Training is providing an employee with specific skills to perform his work duties. In contrast, development is an effort to prepare an employee with the abilities an organization may need in the future. In this Training and development paper, there will be a discussion about training and developing employees in the health care system. Training and education in health care

Training and education is vital in health care. The health care world is on the cutting edge of new technology and medicines. Health care organizations must remain abreast on training and education for their employees. Education involves a learning process using values, theories, and a model to develop understanding training is providing specific skills to an employee. Both education and training are important as people depend on the skills, advice, and accuracy of health care professionals. If health care professionals are not knowledgeable about different medicines or have training for new and advance technologies in today’s society there will be more devastating health care issues because of lack of training and education. Health education is the development of individual, groups, community; it is a systemic strategy to improve health care knowledge. Health care professional development is a lifelong process of vigorous participation in learning activities to improve professional practice. Building upon education and experiences that enhance health care professionals to maintain and improve quality health care with training and continuing...
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