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  • Published: August 6, 2013
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STDY 80: Studying & Learning Final Projects: Research Paper

“An Overview of the Hospitality and Restaurant Management Profession”

December 12, 2006

By: John Doe

STDY 80: Studying & Learning Prof: Kathleen E. High, M.Ed. Mt San Antonio College

Hospitality & Restaurant Management

Doe: i

Thesis Statement: A person who wants to become a professional in the Hospitality and Restaurant Management field should consider gaining both experience and an educational degree in order to enjoy a successful career.

Purpose: To help the author understand what it will take to become a professional in the HRM field.

Audience: Professor

Outline: I. Introduction: The HRM profession is multi-faceted a. An Educational Degree is advantageous; Experience is also key b. Responsible for operations of a functioning food establishment c. The field is diverse and covers all demographics and populations II. Body: The HRM profession is multi-faceted because of the nature of the hospitality and restaurant industry. a. Education - A degree from an accredited university or training from a certified program can be advantageous. i. AS in Hospitality & Restaurant Management ii. BS in Culinary Arts Management iii. Business & Marketing iv. Recreation Management b. Experience – with dedication and hard work, a person may be able to work his or her way from bottom up. i. Getting a foot in the door ii. Learning from observation and practice iii. It takes time

c. Industry Overview i. Largest Employer ii. The numbers speak for themselves iii. Management Opportunity d. Profession and my assessments i. Appeals to my personality ii. Fits my interests iii. Works with my career goals e. Evaluation – has lots of potential, but not perfect i. Majors may be achievable; given more time and available resources ii. Like the hands-on creative parts of the job iii. Not too sure about the very long hours/lack of time off iv. Enjoy working with people; but not...
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