Hrm 300 Week 1

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Recruitment Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: October 23, 2010

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a division in practically every organization, however over the years the role of HRM has experienced significant changes. According to the business dictionary, HRM is defined as “Administrative activities associated with human resources planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, appraisal, motivation, remuneration, etc. HRM aims at developing people through work.” In past times HRM were considered responsible for simply hiring and firing and at one point in time were labeled event coordinators and planners. Due to the numerous legal changes and advancements in technology the HRM responsibilities have changed drastically and are essential to maintaining a successful organization. The HRM today is responsible for all aspects of employee development from recruitment to training and beyond in addition to impacting the organizations strategic plan.

Constant legal changes and advancements to technology have created an increase in responsibility for HRM. Legalities organizations are required to follow witness constant changes, which require HRM to be both educated and up to date with the laws that effect their organization. The slightest of mistakes could result in fines, lawsuits, and in some cases an organization being shut down entirely. Those employed within an organizations HRM are expected to know these laws to refrain from violating employment laws, employment practices, and more. Another challenge those in HRM face with today’s work environment is adapting to the always-changing advancements in technology. In many instances HRM recruiters today will recruit and hire a candidate without ever actually meeting the individual. Those candidates who do receive face to face interviews typically get that opportunity only after passing through several other stages including a resume review, written online interview, and a phone interview. Technology has created opportunities for both small and large...
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