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Unit 31: Provide Reception Services

1. Understand the purpose of reception services in a business environment. 1.1 Explain the purpose of the receptionist role as the first point of contact between the public/client and an organisation.

1.2 Explain the purpose of presenting a positive image of self and the organisation.

1.3 Explain how to present a positive image of self and the organisation.

2. Understand the procedures to be followed when providing reception services. 2.1 Describe the structure and lines of communication in an organization.

2.2 Explain how the structure in an organisation affects lines of communication.

2.3 Explain the purpose of entry, departure, security and confidentiality procedures, including own responsibilities.

2.4 Explain how to carry out entry, departure, security and confidentiality procedures in a reception area.

2.5 Explain the purpose of health and safety procedures when providing a reception service, including own responsibilities.

2.6 Explain how to carry out health and safety procedures in a reception area.

2.7 Describe the emergency procedures and your role within them.

2.8 Describe the types of problems that may occur with visitors including, conflict and aggression.

2.9 Explain ways of dealing with problems and when to refer them to an appropriate colleague.

3. Understand ways of improving reception services and developing own role. 3.1 Explain the purpose of suggesting ideas for improving a reception area.

3.2 Explain the purpose of carrying out additional duties, if applicable, and give examples.
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