Nvqlevel 2 Unit 201&202

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Unit 201
Outcome 1:
1.1 Guidelines, procedures and codes of practices that relate to my work are important because gives you the information on how to execute my job efficiently and safely. Failing to fallow this you could harm yourself or others or not complying with employment law. 1.2 By planning your work you will increase productivity and work efficiency. That way you can monitor your progress. Your job description sets your duties for which you are responsible. You are accountable for complete this task in time and without errors to your line manager. 1.3 When you agree realistic targets you will have the right amount of time to complete your work, have better result and high standards. 1.4 How to agree realistic target:

* Receive your work request
* Work out how long will take to complete
* Identify when you will be able to begin and finish this work * Inform when you can complete the work
1.5 Ways of planning work to meet agreed deadlines
* Block out times set aside for meeting
* Compile a 1”to do list” with deadlines for each task * Prioritise you work
* Allocated dates and times
1.6 By keeping other people informed about your progress you can save your manager or external client to contact you. That way you will receive fewer emails and phone calls, which allow you to continue with your work. 1.7 If your original deadline now has to be change, is important that you inform your manager soon as you can. Because they may be promised this work to an important client or for another meeting or affect their work commitments. 1.8 Types of problems that can occur at work and prevent you to complete your task as plan * Technology failures

* Equipment failures
* Administration error
* Misunderstanding between different departments
1.9 Seeking assistance to resolve problems. The help you will need depend on the type of problem. * Technology failures...
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