The Social Media Virus

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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The Social Media Virus
Social media and networking has erupted in the past few years. The means in which individuals communicate has shifted to a point where some cannot even remember living differently. This new age has brought many advances in the ways we live; it also though has hindered the ways in which humans physically function. Whether you were born in the 60's or in the past 10 years, this impact has had a ripple effect and is now changing everyone. People are now able to communicate in seconds across the world. Businesses have made connections that may not have been possible before this new technological age. With this new technology and cyber life, has also come many challenges. These challenges exist in the human mind. Sigmund Freud brought into play the idea that the human mind actually has a series of what can be seen as checks and balances. These checks and balances, the ego, id and superego are there to help humans maintain a stable, comfortable life. Changes though can sometimes be too much and they can actually harm they ways in which humans think and interact. Facebook and Twitter are just two of the thousands of social media sites that have embedded into our lives and changed the way we communicate, interact and the decisions we make. The changes that have come have cause people to become vulnerable and the minds across the world have become an open to influences both good and bad.

It has been said that the ego, “perceives itself as maintaining "sharp and clear lines of demarcation" with the outside world. This distinction between inside and outside is a crucial part of the process of psychological development, allowing the ego to recognize a "reality" separate from itself. (GrAdeSaver)” Sigmund Freud developed the concept that inside of each human is something called an “ego.” This ego that we have operates on the environment around us and develops “operational responses” to what is going on ((Gunner)). The ego responds in a way that are...
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