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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Rebecca Dragon
AP Psychology
Three Parts of Mind
Sigmund Freud was the first to determine the three parts of mind ID, ego and Super Ego. The Id is the most basic of the three and makes up a baby’s entire mind when he or she is born. It is the want, want, want of the human brain and functions in the irrational and emotional part of the brain. The ego on the other hand functions in the rational part of the mind and understands in reality a person cannot get what they always want. The ego still tries to fulfill what the ID wants but it also understands the consequences to wanting them. The last to develop in the human mind is the Super-Ego which contains a person’s moral part of their mind. It sets rules and personal values while always trying to strive for perfection. A person’s ego tries to spread the gap between the ID and the Super Ego. The ID and the Super Ego are the opposites in the three parts of mind. The ID never cares of consequences and only thinks of the instant gratification of doing something while the Super Ego is always thinking about the long term effects of that action. The Id contains no feeling of guilt while the Super Ego contains the human conscious. The Super Ego also sets rules and standards for a person while the ID has no rules or standards. The ego negotiates between the Super Ego and the ID. The Ego is what is known as the “Reality Principle” while the ID is what is known as the “Pleasure Principle.” The ego and the ID want the same but the ego puts the ID’s wants into perspective and realizes how irrational some of the ID’s wants are. The ego connects the Super Ego and the ID together because it is in-between. While realizing the wants of the ID it searches for the basic consequences but also searches for a way to please the urge for what the ID desires, the super ego on the other hand sets moral rules and examines the long term consequences of the situation. The Super ego contains two parts, the conscious and the ego...
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