Psychoanalytic Theories

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In order to fully understand personality, one can observe the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Alfred Adler. To comprehend the theories of all three psychologists and how they came about, one must learn how they were studied. According to the Webster’s online dictionary, theories are concepts that are not yet verified, but if true, would explain certain facts or phenomena. Of the three scientists listed, Freud is known to be the most memorable for his pioneering terms, “The id”, “ego”, and “super-ego”, which generated from his beliefs that the mind is separated into these three parts. The id focus on results from urges to gain pleasure without a regard to any consequence. The super-ego focus on morals that are influenced by authority figures, such as a parent or grandparent. The question of what is right or wrong is a determining factor of the outcome and is almost the same as the id. The ego can act as a mediator between the id and super-ego. The activities of the world and a person’s surroundings are taken into consideration to promote some balance amongst all three parts of the mind. Although the Freud, Jung and Alder studied psychoanalytic theories they all have a different approach. Freud felt that sex was the most important force that was the overall bases for personality. On the other hand Jung believed that a person was more complex. To Jung people were a product of both the conscious and the unconscious personal experiences. Some of those are motivated from that of early ancestors. Adler focused on people’s effort to compensate for the inferiority they perceive they have to others. The feelings may derive from one’s position in a family especially if any humiliation occurred, physical condition existed, or a lack of social feelings or others were present.

Three of Freud’s...
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