Bullying in Social Networks

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Bullying in Social Networks

Bullying in Social Networks
“Technology, it seems has unleashed an ugliness in us.” (Pitts, 2010, p. 8A.) With all the technology around us, one would assume that it should be used for good. However, people today are using social networks such Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Skype, Youtube and many more, not only as a way to keep in contact with people but as a way to attack people. Technology has evolved into this great thing where, one all can keep in touch with family members or high school friends from the past or the present. I have used some of these social networks to keep in touch with my own family members and peers. It’s simple, one basically goes to the site of the social network sign-up, become a member, and then find endless possibilities either meeting new friends, or finding old ones, or just playing games. The only difference is that a person has all of this at one’s fingertips. “What is new is the distance we now have from other people, this tendency to objectify them.” (Pitts, 2010, p. 8A) No longer does one have to get out the paper and pen and mail a letter; now an individual can just simply “chat” when friends are on-line or leave them a message for the next time that they do log on. It’s all made very simple for people; it’s not geared towards any age range; it’s free game for all. People have to understand the way these social networks are laid out. A person gets their own individual page, which is considered a “profile.” One puts all of their information on it and gets to choose what people can see. Those who are friends can see the whole profile, everyone gets what is called a “wall.” Everyone has a wall that others can go to and post a messages on. Saying something as simple as “hi” or posting a paragraph. People are abusing social networks by going on to other people’s pages. Students will go to their “friends” pages, and instead of bullying them in person, they...
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