Comunication Essay

Topics: Communication, Facebook, Graphic communication Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Rest in Person
What method people use to communicate with each other is changing every day. The days of riding across the country on a horse to send a page of text has been replaced by the click of a mouse. The everyday conversation between a boss and his employee has been replaced almost completely with “shooting them an email”. In addition to that, 71% of the current online population has a facebook and is currently in contact with most of the people they know (Social Bakers). How we can have the ability to contact anyone we desire at any time has only made the world a better place, or so it seems. The use of Social Networking and being able to communicate without seeing each other has ruined younger generations abilities to communicate emotionally and effectively in person. Even though facebook and other social communication platforms extend ones range of communication, It can have its negative effects. People cannot practice proper edicate when talking to people behind a computer screen. Its also much easier to be dishonest and do things that one would be too afraid to do if you weren’t hiding behind a computer screen. Society has vastly changed both good and bad with regards to communication through the development of technology over the past few decades. Communication among people has changed by our personal connections, our verbal communication skills, and by our global connectedness. Advances in technology have caused people to lose the aspect of personal contact. Cell phones, emailing, and the internet in general has taken the place of talking and meeting other people face to face. What did people do before social networking? Before online dating? Everyone still had friends and marriages were still happening. People stayed connected and could find outlets to meet new people. The world kept on spinning.

People nowadays have replaced the everyday meaningful conversation with a series short, emotionless instant messages. Some could say that even the...
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