The Pizza Company vs the Pizza Hut

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The Pizza Company VS The Pizza Hut

It is surprising that Pizza has become a popular food among Thai people. The Pizza Company and The Pizza Hut, the only two biggest pizza companies in Thailand, have contended for the pizza leadership for many years. People consume so much of pizzas that pizzas have been in the top ten Thais’ favorite foreign cuisine. While using service of these two companies, have you ever noticed the distinction between the two companies? Actually, there are three qualities that are considered different between The Pizza Company and The Pizza Hut.

Firstly, The Pizza Company and The Pizza Hut are dissimilar in terms of varieties of menu. The Pizza Company has varieties of menu. It innovates six new pizza toppings per year, so the innovation is every two months in average. For example, “30 Bites Pizza”, the new pizza topping, has just innovated recently. Now, this brand has more than thirty toppings, sells more than ten kinds of Pasta and has Swensen’s and Dairy Queen as extra menus for delivery order. In contrast, The Pizza Hut has fewer menus than The Pizza Company. The Pizza Hut in America has just remade brand as a “Pasta Hut” in order to add more choices of Pasta menus. However, their menus are not as various as The Pizza Company. To illustrate, from The Pizza Hut’s website, only six kinds of Pasta are available but there are eight kinds of Pasta in The Pizza Company’s website as choices. Besides, The Pizza Hut in Thailand has improved their menu by focusing on the crust. The brand realized that crust is the part which people often leave it, so they try to persuade the customers by creating the diversities of crusts. However, even The Pizza Hut has variety of crusts; it seems that The Pizza Company’s overall menus are still more assorted.

Secondly, both two companies have different number of branches. Due to Thai brand name, The Pizza Company has only 206 branches worldwide including 177 branches in Thailand. Conversely, The...
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