Intergrated Marketing Plan for Home Run Inn Pizza

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Executive Summary
The America frozen pizza market is the largest in the world; the US pizza market represents 43% of the global market. The magnitude of this market therefore, increases the Americans spending on frozen and fresh pizza to about $39.8 billion each year. It was further confirmed through the Tyson Foods’ presentation at the national pizza conference that 33% of Americans consume frozen pizza at least once in every two weeks. There is no doubt that the busy schedules and the increasing demands in the modern day American family life has contributed to the huge spending in the frozen pizza category. The understanding of the frozen pizza market by the competitors further increases the competitive obsession among the players in the market. These major brands are all spending a lot on promotional campaigns so as to stay at the top of the competition. The top ten names within the frozen pizza category are: Digiorno, Freschetta, Tony’s, Red Baron, Tombstone, Bagel Bites, Totino’s, California kitchen, Stouffer’s and Mystic Pizza. Despite its very rich history, good packaging approach and been the Chicago number one frozen pizza, Home Run Inn pizza has not fully succeeded in reaching out to its target audience the same way its competitors have, therefore, Home Run Inn Pizza does not make it to the top ten amongst its’ competitors within the frozen pizza category. Our aim in this paper is to provide a comprehensive communication plan for Home Run Inn pizza in other to address its current market situation and provide an alternative campaign plan that will advance the awareness and recognition of the brand, Home Run Inn Pizza among its target audience.

Brand Background
Home Run Inn Pizza is the Chicago number one frozen pizza. The brand was started in West Side Chicago Bar, in the late 1940’s-In the home of Vincent and Mary Grittani. Nick Perino joined his mother-in-law, Mary, to create the famous Home Run Inn pizza after he returned from the World War II and the task of taking care of his family became a prevailing issue. Mary Grittani on the other hand, was looking for a way to fill the vacuum created by the demise of her husband-Vincent Grittani. Having come together as a family driven by necessity, they developed the recipes for their pizza and began making pizza together in the Home Run Inn Kitchen tavern and served the pizza as a way of encouraging their customers to patronize their drink. As a result of the success achieved while their pizza was been served for “luring purpose”, they seized the opportunity to launch into full time pizza production. While the demand for their pizza was growing bigger in the 50s, Nick started the frozen pizza approach in other to meet the increasing demands from the local people and those who lived far away ( Run Inn has over eight pizzerias operating in Chicago land and sells frozen pizza in more than twenty states in the United States. These locations are strategically located to meet the increase in demands of the pizza market. The name- Home Run Inn…

Prior to the involvement of Nick Perrino, the name Home Run Inn has been in existence since 1923. The name came into being through an unexpected incident that happened while a baseball game was been played in the neighborhood. One of the balls that were thrown accidentally landed on the front window of Mary and Vincent Gritanni’s newly acquired Tavern, thereby

shattered the window. This unexpected incident gave birth to the name popularly known today as “Home Run Inn.” Market Analysis
As earlier mentioned, the frozen pizza industry is a multi-billion dollars worth industry and each competitor within this market is striving to stay on top so as to have the major share of the category among its target group. Despite the highly competitive nature of the frozen pizza market, Home Run Inn Pizza has 22.4% of the market share with Digiorno pizza having the largest share of the category....
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