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This report mainly describes about the subject of micro and macro environment which are indirectly or directly influencing Pizza Hut. There is a specific intention in selecting this fast food company as it is trying its best to compete with bigger companies like Mc Donald, Pizza Hutand successfully making its marginal profits.

This document mainly concentrates on the Usefulness study of all about knowing what, why and how. It is tackled in two phases individually and gives detailed understanding about what the project is.

Phase 1 deals with the factors related to environments and the key drivers are critically analyzed.

Phase 2 deals with the strategies using SWOT analyses in the company.

Pizza Hutis not just a local company and it is having business run successfully in many countries of the world including the 3 rd world nations. So it is obvious that it has to undergo some issues and challenges in the financial sector which is nothing but business. So the company should take into account about the business case and business strategies which comprise of technological, social, financial and political factors. Generally every company has strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats, so having a base on all these internal and external factors I discussed how to make business decision in order to make Pizza Hutsurvive similar to a global organization.

The prominent aspects like budget, planning and management for Pizza Hutare excellently designed and documented



Pizza Hutis a restaurant serving hamburgers globally with its headquarters located in Florida, United States of America. Financial loss was incurred in the organisation and the owners then have sold the company to James McLamore and David Edgerton and they have changed the name from Insta-Pizza Hutto Burger King. The company has planned and implemented many strategies to explore globally. As per the report given by the Pizza Hutat the end of the year 2009, it was proved that there are more than 12000 outlets in 73 different countries. Among them, more than 65% are running its business in USA and the privately owned percentage is 90. Number of employees working world wide are 37000 and the customers enjoying the services daily are at an average of 11.4 millions. Rules and regulations are country based where North America is having franchised licenses for each and every store where as international countries are given franchised licenses on region basis. The regional franchises perform the operations like starting new restaurants, giving license to third parties who are new to the organisation and performing oversights of standards.

As the numbers of customers are increasing company is going on adding new items to the list.

Their focus is to become the best fast food provider rather than biggest fast food provider in the world. . Marketing is a very important and significant sector in the business environment. Marketing environment is the overweight socio-economic forces which combine demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces. It’s a remarkable and one of the strongest brand names in the global business.

Aim and objective:

To figure out the subject of micro and macro environment which are indirectly or directly influencing Burger King. The main objective of this report is to deal with the factors related to environments and the key drivers are critically and the SWOT analyses in the company. We have to use the PEST analysis which deals with the political, social, economical and technological aspects proposed. Obviously after making a study on these factors it is easy to have a plot how we could improve the services and benefits of Pizza Hutand moreover it gives clear picture of how the Pizza Huthas progressed in the last one year and vision of how it will be in the next one year.


Phase 1:

The first...
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