Pizza Hut

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Expense, Pro forma Pages: 2 (263 words) Published: May 16, 2013
6.4 Budgets for promotion in 1st year:
Promotion Items1st year
Other Promotions50,000
Total Budgets2,50,000
6.5 Product cost:
The product cost consists of production costs and storage costs. The organization will store various vegetables on the store room. It has estimated a storage cost of 1, 20,000 taka in the 1st year. 6.6 Others cost:

Management has some miscellaneous costs. The total anticipated amount is 120000 taka. 6.7 Pro forma annual profit and loss statement (1st year)
The pro-forma annual profit and loss statement of new product for 1st year is given below: Pro Forma Income Statement for 1st year:
Gross profit2700000
Operating expenses
Rent 100000
Salaries and wages150000
Depreciation and other cost590000
Total operating expenses740000
Profit before taxes1960000
Taxes (15%)294000
Net profit 16,66,000
7.0 Action Programs
8.0 Conclusion
It is known to all pizza hut always provides high quality type pizza and it is the largest pizza producer company from the beginning of the company. Pizza hut main goal is to achieve a better and reasonable market share and profitability in the cosmetics market. We create a new product plan for increasing market share. Our competitor is Dominus, Shawrma and others every competitor offers various products in different segment for increasing market share but they do not produce this kind of product. Middle class younger, couple or vegetarian is our target surely we will ahead from our competitors by this unique product.
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