The Managerial Skills Development Guide

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  • Published : December 5, 2005
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The Managerial Skills Development Guide
A manager is an important position for an organization. Every manager should have their own strategy of leadership style and motivation theory to effectively support and influence other employees to work hard and achieve the goal in order to gain an organization¡¦s competitive advantages in the complex market. Being a successful manager should have the leadership styles of developing a harmony and trustful relationships with employees at the position of giving appropriate direction and support others to accomplish an organizational goal. And, a manager should also have the motivation style of expectancy of equal reward to employees¡¦ performance. Being a relationship oriented

At first, being a relationship oriented which is high in concern of people rather than task. A manager should build a working environment of harmonious relationships of respect, trust and care people¡¦s feeling with employees in a way to get into an upper level of leadership management. I think that it is very important at the beginning of developing effective leadership style for a manager. There are so many advantages gained for a manager when developing a good relationship with employees. If manager has a good relationship between employees, employees would show more willingness and acceptance to do the given job. And, each other would have a good communication channel of easy talking. Also, the manager would more easily act as an influential position of encourages others to do the best to achieve the goal. For example, in the work place, when manager assign a task to employees, they would communicate thoroughly with each other to get an agreement for the task in order to avoid some kind of misunderstanding or conflict. However, a good relationship is built on trust and respect between each other, both parties would have more confident to accomplish the organizational goal. Thus, building a good relationship has many benefits toward a goal...
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