Environment: Management and Taylor Ambulance Company

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Environmental Proposal and Presentation
Explain how the difference between leadership and management affect networking within your selected virtual organization. The difference between manager and leadership is that manager processes administrative tasks such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Also uses human and resources to achieve the goals and objective of the organization. While leadership has acquired the attributes of a management in addition in influencing and motiving people to attain the goal of the group. Functions of manager are:

A manager’s basic responsibility to guide its employees in the performance of work activities to achieve the desired outcome. These include; planning, organization, leading, and controlling -Planning: Requires a roadmap of the direction the manager will use to accomplish the goals and objective of the organization for example. The Taylor Ambulance company will need to plan on the method the organization will use to ensure a smooth transition from paper to electronic database. -Organization: After assessing the area of need, the manager may decide to put into effect certain criteria such as staffing, training and developing employees, and the involvement of human resources to accomplish the goal. For example place -Leading: An effective manager requires more than just planning and organization, he or she needs to lead effectively to achieve the objective. This involves influencing, communication, guiding, encouraging its subordinates. It means being a coach, and help to problem. -Controlling: After the above functions have been put in place, the manager will evaluate, to see that it is achievable or will have to make any changes. He or she will have to be continually evaluating to ensure that the plans remain on tract until successful completion of the goal and objective(Functions of a Manager, n.d.). Manager’s skill involves;

A manager requires...
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