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  • Published : June 21, 2005
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A leader can be a manager, but a manager is not necessarily a leader. The leader of the work group may emerge informally as the choice of the group. If a manager is able to influence people to achieve the goals of the organization, without using his or her formal authority to do so, then the manager is demonstrating leadership (Allen, 1998). Great organizations are managed by people who have the necessary skills and attributes which allow them to connect with the organization and the people involved in the company. Managers must meet the many demands of performing their functions; managers assume multiple roles which include being a figurehead, leader, liaison, monitor, disseminator, spokesperson, entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator. Managers set and achieve the organizations goals by planning, organizing, controlling and leading. A manger can assume or delegate portions of authority to lead employees and achieve goals. Being a leader is not the same as managing an organization. Leader's posses the interpersonal skills needed to influence others to achieve a goal willingly. Leading is a major part of a manager's job. Leaders do not need to be a manager to lead people, but managers must know how to lead as well as manage. Leaders also have the ability to inspire, motivate, change attitudes and influence others to achieve goals. Managers have the ability to fire employees if they do not accomplish what needs to be done. The authority given to the manager allows them to control an employee based on fear of punishment, while a leader can influence an employee in other ways. Gemmy Allen says that the key point between leadership and management is the idea that employees willingly follow leaders because they want to, not because they have to (Allen, 1998). Managers and leaders have the unique ability to either inspire or suppress employees by handling different situations accordingly. Managers, who...
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