Mgt 330 Final Paper

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Hey, That is My Job!
Lee A. Bayliffe
MGT 330
Frederic Hibbler
April 26, 2011

Organizations Require Both to Succeed
For some reasons, the managers’ positions have been seen in a negative way for many years. However, this does not change the essentiality of this position in any organization, especially in business set-ups. There have been a constant confusion between the role of leaders and managers, and what should be clearly established is that these two roles do not share the same meaning. Being a manager does not guarantee that one is already a good leader. However, leaders can be effective managers. This only means that in order for managers to be effective and avoid negative feedback, they should have sufficient knowledge and skills on leadership. Aside from this, managing and leading a company will also have different impacts on the organization, as well as business outputs (Treacy, 2006). Not all of the renowned managers are great leaders, but these two cannot be separated. As a matter of fact, so many supervisors, administrators, and other high-ranking officials in different organizations have been performing their role without being good leaders themselves. It is just that their positions open better opportunities to be leaders. A manager can truly rise from other managers if he or she manages to be an efficient manager and leader at the same time (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Management vs. Leadership

One of the most multi-faceted roles in an organization is management. This includes ensuring that the company policies are well introduced to the company members, making crucial decisions for the company, and supervising people when the need arises. All these need to be done in order to achieve the business goals and growth. The managers also formulate all the company procedures and systems, while making sure that they always have programs that are geared towards motivating the employees. The truth about management is that it is greatly focused on the company more than the people. The people are just considered as the main factor for managers to perform their jobs. Persuasion is the main goal of leadership. It is more focused on convincing and empowering people to work in accordance to the organization’s goals. The leader’s influence on his or her subordinates is seen to be essential in achieving the goals, thus they are seen to be major person in any business. Leadership is more people oriented because it needs to inspire the people to work together as a team, for a goal that they all share. Connection with the people is one of the most important aspects that keep them moving forward, and retain a positive attitude towards their work, under the guidance of a leader. They should also be there for the people in times of challenges to appropriately handle conflict and crisis (Robbins, 2005). It is normal for a manager of leader to impose power in the first stages of the tasking. This is to make sure that the members have enough reason and motivation to start and do their tasks. It is only in the latter part where the reward and punishment system can be implemented, once the trust of the employees is already established. Punishment will only be given to those who are not able to perform according to the standards of the system. More importantly, the rewards should be properly emphasized to the workers to motivate them to do their best in whatever they do. Having leadership skills means the ability to match the skills of the workers to the demands of the customers and expectations of the organization. The best way to assess the effectiveness of a leader is to look at the goals attained for a certain period of time (Bateman & Snell, 2009).

Most if not all of the business owners or executives have both management and leadership skills, which all made them capable of surviving the tough business environment. These two actually make a good combination, because management is necessary to maintain a...
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