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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Functions of Management or Management Functions

Management consists of the functions given below. It is based on Henri Fayol's thinking on the functions of management.

1. Planning: generating plans of action for immediate, short term, medium term and long term periods. 2. Organizing: organizing the resources, particularly human resources, in the best possible manner. 3. Staffing: positioning right people right jobs at right time. 4. Directing (includes leading, motivating, communicating and coordinating): Communicate and coordinate with people to lead and enthuse them to work effectively together to achieve the plans of the organization. 5. Controlling (includes review and monitoring): evaluating the progress against the plans and making corrections either in plans or in execution. Each of these functions is explained in some detail below.

1. Planning

* Planning is decision making process.
* It is making decisions on future course of actions.
* Planning involves taking decisions on vision, mission, values, objectives, strategies and policies of an organization. * Planning is done for immediate, short term, medium term and long term periods. * It is a guideline for execution/implementation.

* It is a measure to check the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization.

2. Organizing

* Organizing involves determination and grouping of the activities. * Designing organization structures and departmentation based on this grouping. * Defining the roles and responsibilities of the departments and of the job positions within these departments. * Defining relationships between departments and job positions. * Defining authorities for departments and job positions.

3. Staffing

* It includes manpower or human resource planning.
* Staffing involves recruitment, selection, induction and positioning the people in theorganization. * Decisions on remuneration packages are part of staffing. *...
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