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What it takes to be an Effective Manager.
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BUS 201

Anyone can be a manager but it takes someone with a special skill set and some natural ability to be a successful manager. In management it helps to have training in the rules of business and finance but these things can be learned in time, other more important things cannot. Being a manager is different from being a leader, to be the best manager requires both characteristics. A good leader makes strategies, plans ahead and inspires others to follow. A good manager is organized, capable of multitasking and is efficient. Another necessity is good communication skills, which will help anyone anywhere to be successful. Manager is really many jobs rolled into one; leader, friend, advocate, mediator, disciplinarian, gopher, fall guy, Mr. fixit, organizer, the list goes on and on.

What it takes to be an Effective Manager.

Role of Manager
A manager is a person who plans, controls, manages and directs a team of individuals. The job of manager is imperative for any organization. A manager can be a person who directs a business or enterprise or he can be a manager of accounts of a firm, organization or institute who controls expenditures and resources. In sports the manager is responsible for training, making strategies and performance of its athletes. The role of a manager in the success of any organization is vital and pivotal. The manager of any company is the person in charge of a team. He makes plans, directs his team, motivates0 them to achieve their goals. In a company, every department can have a manager, then all the managers usually have a manager. Here the role of each manager is almost the same, to manage the team. But the duties may vary according to the assignments. In short, one can say that the position of manager is the backbone of any company or organization. A successful Manager can uplift the status of the company, thus making it successful. Traits of a...
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