Characteristics of a Knowledge and Value- Centered Manager

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Characteristics of a Knowledge- and Value-Centered Manager
10 characteristics necessary for an effective manager:
Vision- knowledge centered
Ability to motivate- value centered
Efficiency- knowledge centered
Organization- knowledge centered
Control- knowledge centered
Ability to plan- knowledge centered
Positive attitude- value centered
Sense perspective- value centered
Respect- value centered
Trust- value centered
All of these characteristics add value for an effective manager. The first one is vision; this helps because everyone starts something with a view of what it will become. This will also help motivate other by knowing as your company grows it will improve and be something great because, the whole team has worked together. You need a vision so you have a goal/ something to work towards. A manager needs to be efficient, because they have many responsibilities that need to be fulfilled and people depending on them. They need to be organized also because, they have so many responsibilities and so little time. Managers need to control their company, if you have a group of regular employees telling you what to do confusion starts, because there is not a designated person to go to for issues. So it is safe to say, you should know your role. A manager needs to have the ability to plan, everything might come at you and you will have to know what to do. Say you have a restaurant; you would have to plan on ‘chilly’ more in winter months than you would at other times of the year. When a manager you need to have a positive attitude, you cannot expect your employee to have a positive attitude when you don’t have one. Besides that it’s good for business, people are not going to want to go somewhere that has snotty service. Sense perspective is something a manager should have; respect is a very important quality. More often than not if your manager shows respect to you, it will catch on. A manager should want to gain their employees trust. I know at my...
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