Leadership vs Management

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Objective: In this section you will be able to know the identify characteristics that best describe leadership and management. Leadership and management are often used interchangeably but have different meanings. Effective leaders are great at inspiring and are passionate about motivating the people who work or follow them. A good manager knows how to efficiently plan the administrative tasks and organize day to day routines. A good leader knows when to use these qualities hand in hand to achieve target goals. We will now examine more in detail what makes a good leader and what makes a good manager.

To best describe the characteristics of leadership is having the ability to envision long term goals, strategically focused to reach desired results, gifted with the ability to motivate and inspire employees. Effective leaders use emotional intelligence and to get the best work out of people (Momeni, N. 2009). The role of a chief executive officer is good example of a leadership role. A CEO inspires an organization to adapt to change, constantly looks for improvement and recognizes that change is possible. Leaders have followers because their driven personality that inspire and motivate others. A commonly used phrase "born a leader" refers to leadership skills that are derived naturally in behavior rather than skills managers learn from completing day to day tasks. This is one reason why it can be difficult to train managers to become strong leaders. (Brown, 2010) Leaders are considered transformational because they develop new ideas, have the ability to forecast long term where the company is going, and have the ability to attract followers. Below are qualities for an effective leader: (Brown, 2010)

Visionary|Independent|Shares Knowledge|Trusting|
Passionate|Transformational|What is right|Shapes|

Managers are considered transactional...
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