Questionnaire on Managerial Skills

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (286 words) Published: August 3, 2011
Questionnaire on Managerial Skills

1. Name: ____________________________________________________________


2. Institutes Name: ____________________________________________________________


3. Location of the Institute: ____________________________________________________________


4. Do you accept CAT’s result for your entrance?

Yes No

5. Do you accept any other aptitude test’s results other than CAT?

Yes No

6. If yes, which?

a) MAT
b) XAT
e) All above
f) Others (Please Specify): _______________________________________

7. Which is the general procedure for selection you follow?

a) Entrance + PI + GD
b) _________________________ Additions.

8. Rate the skills mentioned below in terms of preference while selecting prospects from PI.

a) Soft – skills
b) Interpersonal skills
c) Negotiating Skills
d) Problem solving skills
e) Communication skills
f) General knowledge skills
g) Management skills
h) Goal clarity
i) Spontaneity

9. How much importance do you give for having work experience before joining?

Very important 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Less important

10. Rate the following areas of work experience which you would prefer in a prospect with work experience.

a) Marketing experience
b) Sales experience
c) Human resource experience
d) Insurance experience
e) B.P.O experience
f) Business experience
g) Others (Please specify): ________________________________

11. What are the skills that according to you a management graduate must posses before entering the industry? ____________________________________________________________



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