The Joneses

Topics: Marketing, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer protection Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: September 6, 2012
Movie Questionnaire (The Joneses)

1. Name some brands shown in the film?

* Dell, Wataru, Audi, Mizuno, Under Amour, HTC

2. What do you think about marketing strategies they use to sell products?

* I think the “Stealth Marketing” strategy, that they use the most, is very innovating and unusual, because just a few brands used it or is just the fact that the consumers don’t notice that they’re being marketed, because like it’s in the name of the strategy is undercover marketing. What I think about it, is that this strategy it’s pretty useful for brands, because you can reach your potential market or target consumers that maybe don’t watch TV spots or the only way that they buy a product it’s by someone’s recommendation or by using the product before buy it.

3. What can you tell me about issues in marketing strategies?

* There some ethical issues to the consumer in the “Stealth Marketing” strategy, considered by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association), they say that the way that the brands get positive critics should be naturally and not with people, who in return, will receive some sort of gratification. * Also, if this strategy is not carried out successfully, can cause disappointment in the consumer, and it may be counterproductive to the brand or brands that use it.

4. Would you like to work in a company like the show in the film?

* Possibly, maybe just for a while because like the movie shows, they live in a lie, they have to pretend to be someone else, and it could be interesting for a while but not for a long time. But the rest of the job sounds really interesting, because you can see the reaction you provoke in the people that buy the product you “secretly” sell.

5. What else can you mention from the film about marketing and marketing strategies?

* The movie shows us, how we’re all being exposed to all kinds of marketing strategies that the brands use...
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