Mktg 205 Unit 4 Ip

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Unit 4 Individual Project
MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing

In this paper the reader will learn about the marketing environment of kids safety training courses and products.

When marketing any kind of product, the producer should take in to consideration the elements that will impact their business. If they can come up with solutions to these problems then they products are more than likely to succeed.

Definition of Marketing
My definition of marketing would be that it is the making and selling of goods and services that the consumers demand.

Introduction of Product/Service
For my service/product I chose to research Kid Safety Training Course/Products. I mainly chose this service/product because I have two small children and another one due anytime now and as most mothers and fathers do, we worry constantly about our precious children getting hurt. I located a website,, where you can enroll children up to age 18 in Child Safety Training courses. They offer training in General safety, car safety, playground safety, home safety, water safety and age related safety. They also provide information on poisons, choking, toys, burns, and fires. I think the people with this organization are very good marketers because they are doing something very helpful and they give plenty of resources to back up their work.

Situation Analysis - Marketing Environment Forces Impacting Product/Service The function of marketing is to be able to produce goods and services that the consumers want and/or need. When an organization or business is good marketers then they are giving their consumers what they want therefore they are making a good profit from happy customers. If businesses did not have good marketing skills then they would not know what the consumers want and they would go in debt and maybe out of business for making unwanted products.

There are a lot of different environmental forces that businesses have to deal with. Six of them are societal, regulatory, economic, competitive, technology, and natural forces. When looking at, a kid safety training course and products website, there are really just three main forces they have to reckon with, which are: societal forces, economic forces, and legal forces.

The makers of kid safety training courses and products at have to take into consideration what the parents want their kids to learn and what they think may be too graphic for them. They want to be able to teach their kids about safety without scaring them to death. So when marketing their products the need to clearly state the targeted age range for each product, so that way the parents can decide what is right for their children.

During periods of recession, parents may not be able to pay for their children to attend safety training courses or be able to purchase products. In order for to stay in business they would need to come up with some ways to help parents afford the courses and products that they want their children to take part in. For instance, could let first time customers attend their very first training course, of their choosing, for free. They could also work out payment plans for returning customers, that way they still get the money they deserve but just at a convenient time for the customer.

When invents a product they must think about what other safety programs coming up with so their products will be better and unique. Just like any other business they would want to protect their products from being copied. They also want to make products that stand up to their name and charge a reasonable price so they are protecting their consumers...
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