The Importance of Doing Green Business.

Topics: Recycling, Environmentalism, Sustainability Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: January 5, 2013
The importance of doing green business.

Here in Russia we consider that the slogan “Go green!” is one of the most important mottos for many western companies. Nowadays it is getting really trendy to do green business and to follow the rule “Think globally, act locally”. And actually I want to believe that it is not a cheap marketing move to attract more and more customers but these companies really work this way. I absolutely do not want to find out in one fine day that all sustainable manufacturers are frauds and they deceive us only to get excellent reputation and to enjoy surplus. On the contrary, I would really like to be sure that all the companies and manufacturers do not pollute our environment with harmful waste and smoke, do not test their products on defenseless animals. Lamentable as it is, but we live in the very cruel world among people who pollute the atmosphere, water and ground, extirpate flora and fauna, not caring about their future, about their offsprings’ life. I am certain that companies must adopt such practices like reducing and recycling their energy, must introduce new technologies, not doing tests on cats and rabbits and other animals. On this essay I would like to write in the first paragraph about all the possible steps to do any business ecofriendly, in the second one I am going to examine all the positive and negative effects of doing green businesses, and in the last paragraph I would like to enumerate famous green and non-green companies and take a look at their strategies. In the first place let’s have a look at the possible steps to do any business green. In Europe and the USA many business owners do all the possible to make their manufacturing greener. Firstly, all the companies should reduce their paper use. It will save many trees, if office workers print both sides of a sheet. After all we live in the century of digital technologies, and it is about time to use more actively not paper but digital media. There is no need to...
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