Apple, a Socially Responsible Corporation

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Apple, a Socially Responsible Corporation
It is no mystery that companies exist and desire to make a profit from their product or service being offered. However, it is becoming increasing popular that companies desire to achieve social responsibility in order to increase their public image, which in turn should lead to increased profits. In this class, we learned that social responsibility is the duty to take an action that will benefit the interests of society and the organization (Kinicki & Williams 2011). One of the ways to become more socially responsible that is adopted by many companies is through green management, which is referred to using various policies to reduce environmental problems (Tim Barnett, n.d.). More and more companies are becoming concerned about the impact their organization is having on the natural environment. Green management can, and should be, done by small and large organizations since it can increase the public image of the organization, thus affecting consumer’s perspectives and investors’ behavior. In the short-term, going green means that management assists in saving the natural environment. However, in the long-term, the costs will be reduced, thus increasing profits as well as achieving green management through waste minimization and improved energy efficiency. Therefore, making “going green” a win-win situation. By contrast, those companies that continuously cause pollutions will be criticized as companies of social irresponsibility, which will damage their public image and affect the sales of their products. For this research paper I have chosen to discuss Apple Inc. and how they are a socially responsible corporation. Apple (then Apple Computer) was built by Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs in April of 1976. For more than two decades, Apple was predominantly a manufacturer of personal computers, including the Apple I, II, Macintosh, and Power Mac lines. In 1985 Jobs was fired from the corporation he had help start. However, due to the low market share and rocky sales experienced during the 90s, Jobs returned as Apple’s CEO in 1996 (Company History, n.d.). Apple’s products now include MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, as well as some online services like iTunes and iCloud. Since Apple is currently the largest technology firm in the world, its policies about environment protection are certain to carry weight by public and even have some level of impact on the behavior of its suppliers.[update] One way that Apple has become socially responsible is by creating products that are multi-functional. In 2010, Apple launched a new product, the iPad. The iPad provides multi-functions such as e-book reader, cameras allowing for Face Time and HD video recording, Wi-Fi, 3G, and theater and music repository to name a few. This means that consumers who own an iPad no longer need to purchase e-book reader, camera, mp3 or mp4, and even the DVD player since it has gathered the functions of various products in one. In other words, it has fulfilled the different desire of the consumers in just one product. Perhaps this is why the iPad had been sold out in the first quarter of the 2010 financial year. Apple has also successfully developed a longer-lasting battery which outlasted competitor’s batteries. This means that consumers could save money since they will need not to buy new batteries frequently, which is important to consumers in deciding which technological products to choose. Moreover, Apple is also concerned with the energy efficiency. Every single Apple product not only meets but exceeds the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s strict ENERGY STAR guidelines for efficiency. Apple is the only company in the industry that can make this claim. The experience about designing the software and hardware system gives Apple a convenience to achieve this mission. For instance, the power consumed by Mac mini is one-sixth of power consumed by a typical light bulb! Such...
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