The Hospitality Industry Today

Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hospitality industry, Hotel Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: April 24, 2011
The Hospitality Industry - a massive expansion of joy-bringing and inspired ideals that are present in different variations across the globe! There are so many adjectives you can use to describe the different facets of this incredible industry; some may be exotic and thrilling, while others are simply relaxing and luxurious! You really can not go wrong in this industry, and after all what's not to love? That is why I, having stumbled my way blindly into the hospitality experience, am not going to loose sight of it anytime soon. Narrowing down a career choice in this expansive and vast industry seems a bit daunting, but I will begin to elaborate on my choice and the logic behind it. My chosen sect within this industry is lodging.

I have always been a people person, I love to be around, talk with, and at times deal with people. I love to tackle the obstacle of pleasing guests and customers, for after all everyone we encounter during our work hours, wants something, their way, in their time. This alone keeps the job interesting. I often find that even the most irate guests are only waiting to hear those "magic words" (what they want out of the argument) before they back off, calm down, and are appeased. Weird as it may sound, I enjoy finding what those guests are really after. Granted I know this does not only happen in the lodging portion of the hospitality industry, but I'm just trying to clarify why I am interested in the industry at all. Now you may be asking, "okay, why lodging?"

I feel that the lodging section of the hospitality tends to produce the most chaos; that is exactly why lodging! Now, if you don't have a personality like mine - operates best under pressure, loves uncertainty, hates normality and consistency, you have no clue why chaos is attractive to me; let's just say I'm someone who so easily gets bored with the same nine to five schedule doing the same thing each shift. The lodging part of hospitality is so in my ballpark its almost...
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