Culinary vs Hospitality

Topics: Culinary art, Management, Chef Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management
People today seem to think that culinary arts and hospitality management is the same field of work but, these two fields are entirely different in many aspects. There are a lot of careers that can be found that use both aspects of culinary and hospitality however, there are more choices for hospitality careers than there are culinary. Which of these two different yet similar fields dominates the other? Taking into account the classes needed to become a manager, the available career choices in hospitality, and the salaries a manager can earn, one can argue that hospitality management is the better career field to work in than culinary arts. Culinary Arts has been a huge part of the world for quite some time and it is for good reason, culinary artists go through years of training classes and plenty of hands on experience to do what chefs do best. Classes are normally 5 days a week and 7 hours a day at Joliet Junior College and this could only be one class. There are more classes to take even after just this one. Hospitality classes are generally small at Joliet Junior College, consisting of 15 to 20 people per class. The students are taught about providing patrons with excellent customer service and being sales driven. Students are learning how to use customer service, planning, and managing others all while they are still in school, all of which can be used in any career field in the world. Students who wish to become managers continue their education and receive the highest degree they can. These classes that are taken are designed to mold future managers on what they should do in their fields and how to manage a few employees up to millions of them in corporations around the world. Now both culinary and hospitality have a variety of career choices. Culinary artists can go on to be chefs, caterers, cooks, servers, bartenders and so much more. These are all good jobs to have but they are not always given the...
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